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How do you get into YC without an idea? ThunderAppealAcum 5 luni - paid acquisition not sustainable long term source of traffic Sen AmukuAcum 5 luni how to come up with problem?

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YC help me! Useful, simple and easy to understand. Please let me know what you think? What's the setting? What's the solution? What's the insight? Belief: 1.

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Threshold - What's the default just for them to even succeed? Super combination of founder's skills Evidence of those skills 2.

Acum 24 Zile Enormhi I see the stereotype for firefighters holds true on the woman's side as well; she's hot!

Hackers want to do this. Acquisition - Hackers. PG Wrote books and essays.

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Cheap Monopoly - Alumni Network. Easier to recruit. Scales advice.

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Results - Funded companies. Bhupendra BuleAcum 6 luni Mgmt finding ideas and solutions 2nd view Sylvia Montgomery-HarmonAcum 7 luni Mgmt focus on threshold, marketing, product and network. I was interested in the fact that you started with an audience of K developers.

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I did some research on the Wufoo blog and social media, but I couldn't figure out which find the blog you mentioned in the video. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the link to the blog you talked about.

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Furthermore, if you or anyone here in comments on ROburn could give me some advice on how better to start a blog from scratch and how to build an audience without having a product yet, I will be very grateful. Dmitri Dmitri LosevAcum 7 luni that 1 in 10 slide is misleading. PRAcum 7 luni Vending business like massage chair requires low investment.

Anybody can own vending machine because it's easy to manage and can generate revenue quickly. It is very profitable and low entry costs and have the ability to scale over time. Arooshmah JavedAcum 7 luni Are these slides available online? I like to help startup to support founders.

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If you dont have idea i give idea to make the next unicorn. Idea bank.

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Covid we are looking safe place to stay earlier work with laptop in cafe so now we can get listed of spare office space. Ecosystem for founders to start online. Many probelms not solved we need more founders. Saas where in manufactures should control the retailers shelf stock so reordering automated so no need a representative to visit.

Amazon for sales we can plan another amazon to do renting. Why should people visit restaurants although they can just order one in their rooms?

Например, она знала, что специальная полиция Накамуры обыскала в поселении каждое здание, стараясь выискать собиравших излишнее количество продуктов в последние две недели после ее бегства.

Eating spot seems to be targeting working population or students, but these people could also use the existing delivery apps in pursuit of benefits that you have chosen to provide via your future business. Just wanted share idea!

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Solutions to an expensive problem can change high. Founders - are you or someone on sean quinn bitcoin trading team an expert?

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Omar KhaledAcum 8 luni 1. Make sure they have lots of cheap labor job robbers. Make sure the VC gets sucked out to India or China.

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Make sure no American tech workers ever get hired. Ten Minute Tokyo 2Acum 9 luni So helpful - been struggling with getting started and this really helped a lot.

My first website and business used Wufoo and I thought it was a great form. So happy to see the link. Mmm și bitcoin on.


Alexandria GiftAcum 9 luni The insights were just great it would immensely help me as a founder to apply at YC. Brittnay JohnsonAcum 9 luni It's tough to get crisp and relevant feedback to validate Ideas- need, problem sean quinn bitcoin trading, identifying early customers, founder message clarity. Is this a real problem? Please help me to identify, need1 min.

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