Bitcoin international bank transfer. Traducere "bank wire transfer" în română

TransferWise is now Wise

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Our customers now need us for more than money transfers. Sending, spending, and receiving money internationally is too expensive, slow, and inconvenient. We set ourselves a mission to make money work without borders — to make money move instantly, transparently, conveniently, and — eventually — for free.

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Our multi-currency account and the clever debit card is replacing international banking for many of you. For generations, banks have been defined by borders.

Traditional bank accounts trap our money in one country, making international lives more difficult and expensive than they need to be.

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Wise is for all of us who live, work, travel, or support family around the world. For customers, not too much will change right away. Bitcoin international bank transfer can access your exact same account via wise.

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In a few weeks we will start to redirect transferwise. Our logo has changed, and our apps will be renamed.

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But our icon — the fast flag — remains as a symbol for money without borders. The core experience of using Wise will remain faster, cheaper, and more convenient than anything else.

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Our mission remains the same.