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The ambiguity of cryptocurrency value, ownership and its future what happens to the money after 21 million bitcoins are the grey areas.

S RahmanAcum cryptocurrency în europa Zile Did i hear trading bitcoin halal "has to he spot traded" the whole purpose of bitcoin is to wait it out till value goes up right??

Irwan SuwandiAcum 18 Zile Salam drom trading bitcoin halal, thankyou syaikh. When u treat money as a "product" u buy it and sell it as it goes up and down using speculation regardless of spot trading etc, still it doesn't look so halal to me!

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Sofian M. Acum 25 Zile Al hamdulillaah to find a correct answer on this issue. It is really shocking how many Muslims declear it as haraam with fake news from the corrupt finance bank elite.

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Treasures of MedinaAcum 25 Zile Other than for currency, what benefits or other uses does crypto have? As for gold, the currency mentioned in al quran- these are some of trading bitcoin halal benefits and uses to highlight its objective value- it is used as jewelry, it trading bitcoin halal rust hence an amazing safe storage of wealth, it is malleable despite being heavy, it cannot be destroyed by heat or fire, it is one of the best conductors on earth hence is used in electric circuit boards, it is used as a replacement for damaged teeth, it is in the exact right quantity for making it the perfect human currency not so plentiful like sand, to make it worthless, and not so rare like diamonds to make its use as human currency impracticalit has been used as a trusted and stable form of currency for thousands of years and all Prophets and Messengers used it etc.

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What use or benefit does crypto have other than for its use as currency? If you trading bitcoin halal answer that you can answer whether this has intrinsic value or if it is Dajjal and Iblees' next step to enslaving mankind further than they already are with fiat, riba based paper currency.

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Yet the reputation of the altco! When talking about precious metals, the conversation might focus on gold but silver is always part of it but in crypto, B! The crypto market is getting more exciting by the day and the best way to participate in it and stay profitable is through trad!

With guidance and trade s! Show less Hamza AhmedAcum lună.

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