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How To Be Your Own Bank With Bitcoin

Bitcoin ron paul Offshore About this talk Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, is the best-performing asset of the year.

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In this presentation, Eryka is going to talk to us about the history of digital money, we will get insight on the bitcoin vs. Eryka fits the typical millennial phenomenon of degree discontinuity.

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She now is focused on bringing technical and economic education to the masses. Her affinity for bitcoin stems from an appreciation for sound money and honest reporting.

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As a teenager, she was a delegate in Washington State for the Ron Paul campaign. Eryka is a sought after speaker involved in many local organizations.

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Contact Speaker Loading… Eryka Gemma Eryka Gemma is a public speaker, event host and community leader focused on developing Miami's tech scene. As CEO of the Blockchain Center Miami, she aims to create opportunities through education and awareness, supporting those who want to get involved in decentralized technology.

Bitcoin 2021: Ron Paul: We Need Monetary Freedom

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În mod corespunzător, Paul Bitcoin a menționat Bitcoin de mai multe ori în context pozitiv. Veți obține pentru a alege forma în care va accepta darul. Dar există o captură: Tu trebuie să păstreze darul în forma pe care o alegeți pentru 10 ani, fără a atinge aceasta. În ce formă ați accepta darul?